3 Reports to Identify Leaky Sales Funnels on Shopify

It's essential to identify and fix leaks in your sales funnels. Google Analytics offers 3 reports that you can use with your Shopify store to do so.
Rob Elgar - writer for Blyp
By Rob Elgar
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Published August 23, 2022.

Identifying leaks is essential to optimizing your sales funnels. Google Analytics offers three funnel-related reports that could be used to find holes in your Shopify conversion funnels.

However, while this article discusses reports that will help you to identify leaks, the reports must also be supported by both quantitative (heat maps, technical analysis, etc.) and qualitative data (surveys, user testing, etc.) to find out why the leaks exist and how to fix them.

1. Funnel Visualization

The funnel visualization report gives a basic overview of a conversion funnel with a specific goal. The report shows a visual representation of users who enter a funnel and how they interact before reaching the goal or dropping off. Because this is a basic overview, the report doesn't represent alternative user actions on your site.

2. Goal Flow

The goal flow report shows the most accurate path of how users navigate through a conversion funnel. The report allows you to visualize the loopbacks, jumps, and skips users made while on your site. Furthermore, advanced segments can be added to deep dive into your best converting users and identify successful and faulty marketing funnels.

3. Reverse Goal Path Reports

The reverse goal path report begins at your funnel goal and works backward to identify the exact path a user took before converting. The report shows the previous three pages a user visited before reaching the goal. This can give insight into the most popular route users take to your end goal, regardless of your created funnel.


Performing sales funnel analysis for optimizing conversions will not only increase sales but will help you plug leaky holes in marketing channels and gain a deep understanding of your customer's journey.

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